Welcome Letter

6th Grade Language Arts


                                         Mrs. Mazzotta


Welcome to Brownstown Middle School!  I know both students and parents are filled with excitement, anxiety, and maybe a little fear facing this new adventure of middle school. It is my hope that at the end of this school year there will be nothing but positive memories.  I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year, and I hope you and your child are as well.


Please contact me if ever you, or your child, have any questions or concerns.  The best ways to contact me are to call and leave a message at (734) 783-3400 extension 2245 or send an e-mail to the address mazzotta@wbsdweb.com . The best time to reach me by phone is during my planning time, 11:55-12:55.  You can also write a note in your child’s planner, if you are confident your child will be certain to show the note to me at the start of class.  If you have an urgent message, please contact the office at (734) 783-3400


Daily Required Materials:




2 Pens (each a different color)

1 Folder


 1 pack of 3x5 index cards


Suggested Additional Materials:



Colored pencils

Pencil case

A notebook for free writing




  • Organization is vital for student success at the middle school level. Therefore, students must have their planners with them everyday.  Students are responsible at the start of each class period to copy into their planners the student responsibility for the following class day.   Student responsibilities could be homework or important reminders such as test dates, library, or materials for a project.   Please look over your child’s planner daily to remain aware of school expectations.


  • Periodically I will check to ensure students have followed directions by filling out their planners.  Students, who have their planners filled out correctly when checked will earn a Warrior Buck, which can be saved to buy cafeteria treats or entered in a weekly school drawing for prizes.  Students who don’t have their planners filled out correctly when checked will receive a lunch detention.


  • Please check your child’s planner each evening, alongside completed homework, to ensure your child is prepared for the following day.    


  • I also use the planner as a way to communicate with home. Please sign and respond as needed to any notes I write, so I know someone at home received it.  You also want to watch for any notes or stamps indicating a missing or incomplete assignment.


Homework Policy:


  • Students are expected to copy from the board any homework or other responsibilities for the following class day into their planners.


  • All assignments need to be labeled with the student’s full name, the date, and the hour.  When appropriate, assignments also need to have a title or heading.


  • To receive full credit, students must have their completed work in class when it is due.  We will accept only two assignments one day late for half credit per trimester.


  • If a student does not have an assignment completed or in class on the day it is due, you will see a stamp or note in your child’s planner.  After four missing/incomplete/late assignments, an after school detention will be issued.




  • When students are absent, it is their responsibility to:
    •  turn in any work which was due during their absence
    •  copy missed assignments from the class planner
    •  take any worksheets/handouts from the absent work file


  • The time allowed for missing assignments is the number of days a student misses school.  Students will not be asked for missing work; it is their responsibility to turn in missing work.  Writing “ABSENT WORK” and the date the assignment is due will help students and me as the teacher. It is also highly recommended that students write a reminder note in their planners on date the work is due.




  • Students are expected to use passing time responsibly; however, it is understandable that occasionally students may need to leave the classroom.  Students are allotted four passes each trimester. 


  • A pass sheet is located in the student planner. Therefore, students must have their planners with them in order to use a pass.    



Classroom Donations:


If you are able, I would greatly appreciate any donation you make to our classroom supplies. Our class is in need of hand sanitizer, facial tissues, sanitizing wipes, and dry erase board wipes.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.



Please see Class Notes on MISTAR Parent Portal for updates about important class reminders.




Mrs. Mazzotta’s

Classroom Expectations and Code of Conduct


Students are expected to follow the school rules:      


*Be Ready/Be There

(Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings)


*Be Prepared

(Have needed materials in class daily)


*Be Respectful

(Encourage a positive learning environment)


*Be Responsible

        (Follow directions; have completed assignments/homework in
         class and ready to be 
graded when due)


*Be Safe

        (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself)




*If a student violates a rule 3 times during a trimester, a parent contact form (PCF) will be sent

  home. (Failure to return a PCF will result in an after school detention.)


*If a student violates a rule 4 times, he/she will earn an after school detention.


* Lunch detentions may be issued for offenses which are more severe than deserving a warning.